In 1977 a small group of artistic skaters who had
hired the main hall at the newly opened leisure
centre was told that to guarantee a weekly block
booking they would have to form a club. So the

arun roller skating club
was formed.

To cover the costs, memberships were offered
to the local skaters. The club became and still
is very popular for all level’s of skaters young
and old alike.

Past events have included skating competitions,
xmas skating shows, roller disco’s and yearly
entries into the local carnival’s where we have
won many trophies over the year’s

At one time over 300 people were members,
today there are about 100 members and the club
is open to the general public who wish to skate.

In may 2002 the club held a 25 year reunion and
about 200 skaters past and present attended,
video’s of old xmas shows were shown, carnival
float photo’s and local press write up’s were
displayed in the bramber studio.

Skating in the main hall was accompanied by the
music from the 70’s and 80’s etc when vinyl ruled.
the artistic skaters were not forgotten with the
set dance’s being played at regular interval’s,
everyone who attended seemed to have a good time.