Though we did not win anything this year we all had a jolly good time amazing the crowds with our skating skills and brilliant carnival float.


The Arun Roller Skating Club, based at the Arun Leisure Centre in Felpham, have sent 18 pairs of skates and sets of pads over to start a skating club in the Philippines.  They have teamed up with 'Young Life' a charity in the Philippines, to provide skating once a week for a group of children aged 8 to 12.  Caroline McClelland, one of the early members of the Arun Roller Skating Club in 1977, now lives in the Philippines.  Caroline said, 'The kids over here have nothing, they don't have electricity or running water, and there are almost no sporting activities they can do for free.  They turn up for skating in their flip flops or bare feet and we lend them socks as well as the pads and skates.  They absolutely love it, and we always have a lot more kids than we have skates, so they take it turns.'  Caroline has found a basketball court she can rent once a week for her club, and the local charity has provided a CD player so they can have music.  The Arun Roller Skating Club makes several charitable donations each year and last week gave £500 to Children in Need.  They plan to send more skates out each year for Caroline's club.


The club will be donating £700.00 to comic relief thanks to last nights sucessful link up. Well done to everyone


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Congratulations to everybody we donated £500.00 to children in need 15th November 2008, thanks for your support this year


Congrats to Mike & Ness on their engagement

Children in need - £600.00 raised for children in need congratulations to everyone for making this happen.

Congrats to Gary & Maxine married September 29th 2007 in Plymouth best wishes from all at the club xxx

Congratulations to Steve & Kerry on the birth of a baby girl a welcome
addition to the family, a skating partner for Sam & Ollie


Children in need night - As a result of children in need night we have raised £500.00
for Children In Need. Congratulations to everybody.




As many of you may know Alex one of the club's stewards is leaving us to go to university to study to become a doctor. We would like to thank her for all her work during the last few years & to wish her every success in her studies Good luck Alex Love from the committee & all your friends at the club xxx








a page has been set up on the Arun skating website in memory of Alan Price. Click here to view it

some sad news i'm afraid Alan Price the skating club chairman has died in southampton hospital on the 8th March after a short illness. - neil

Each year, the Arun Skating Club make charitable donations. This year, the club decided to make a donation to the IT department of St Antony's School in Chichester. St Antony's is a school for children with special needs, and their IT department are working to provide pupils with skills they can use to get jobs when they leave. St Antony's wanted a special printer and materials to make vinyl stickers. The stickers can be designed on a computer, then printed out straight onto the vinyl. Lea Wadey, who did her teaching practice at St Antonys, and Rebecca George took the printer and vinyl up to the school and presented them to the IT teacher, who was very pleased indeed! She said that she would not have been able to afford this piece of equipment for the department without the donation from the club, and that it was something that they had wanted for a long time.